Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Its Go Time!

Atlanta Layover:  I'm starting the day tired.  We got crushed at work yesterday and as usual I saved a bit too much for the last minute.  Things that got spared...thank you letters and various assundry other e-mails, paying bills (I did get rent in), and that sinking "I know I forgot something" feeling while waiting to last Typhoid pill..the one's that's still in the fridge...back at the house...the one that required a dozen phone calls to area pharmacies and was apparently the last box in Asheville according to the secreraty at the health department.  Oh well, whats done is done and were on our way!  Most remarkably, I so far havent been charged for the behemoth 80 pound drybag o gear I checked.  So all is well!  I've got a few more minutes to update then Were off to catch our connector to Belize City.  I've aleady run into my friend and colleague Randy Howell.  He's a bad ass P.A. from Roanoke and a fellow A.C.W.M member.  This moment of synchronicity and the anticipation of our destination reminds me of why I spent so much time rollin the wheels.  Were off!  I'll write when I can.   -B

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