Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Journals From Belize 2-5-12 morning

Journals From Belize:
2-5-12  morning

Today we woke before the dawn to Howler Monkeys and mist.  It will be a quick camp this morning as we will hurry off to the more rural villages.  I will be making may way to Aguacate a fairly large village an hour or so south and west from Laguna.   

ready to deploy
Yesterday I learned that I will be travelling alone as my would be companion Anna has been called to stay with a family member that has fallen ill.  I will miss having Anna there as she is an extremely giving and gifted Health Worker.   

Anna training with Breaux

The last minute cancelation is a change in momentum but not a significant setback to the mission at large.  I am thankful that Anna has chosen to be with family.  Even with service work, your family must come first.  I am confident that our time in Aguacate will be productive.  Being alone in the village will allow me to focus and move freely.  I am anxious to get started! 

heading to Aguacate

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